Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services

The PLAY. GROW. THRIVE Philosophy

We believe that play is the work of childhood, that families deserve to be heard and supported, and that every child deserves the opportunity to optimize their development. We believe that the experiences we have as infants shape our brains and nervous systems in a profound way. Our brains and bodies grow and are shaped, quite literally, based on sensory and physical experiences. The power of simple, therapeutic daily activities is proven to create a tremedous impact on the outcomes of child development, sensory processing, motor skills, social and emotional regulation, and a child's ability to THRIVE in the future. Our goal is to provide as many opportunities as possible to allow children to PLAY, GROW, and THRIVE.

Services Offered:

Feeding / Oral Function:

Who: Infants who are struggling with breast or bottle feedings; Babies who have a suspected tongue and/or lip tie whose parents are wanting a functional assessment, exercises, and bodywork before and immediately after a release; Babies who have already had a release but have concerns of reattachment and/or continue to struggle with functional oral motor skills; Mothers looking for breastfeeding support and advice. 

What: A thorough functional assessment will be completed followed by individualized treatment suggestions and interventions; referals to appropriate local providers as indicated; coordination with your child's care team (release provider, lactation professional, other bodywork professions (if involved).

Why: Feeding challenges with children of any age are very stressful, however they can be even more stressful in the early weeks and months of bringing home a new baby. The impact of tethered oral tissues on oral function, feeding, and the development of the facial structures and airway are gaining more attention in recent years. This is a growing field of knowledge that not every healthcare provider has taken the time to stay up- to-date on. A growing body of evidence is showing the importance of therapeutic exercises and bodywork before and after a tongue tie release in order to achieve optimal results. This pre- and post- therapy is worth the investment of time and money to ensure that baby has the best chance at success following a release. Having gone through the tongue tie release of my own child a number of years ago, I understand the stresses and challenges that go along with having a baby who is struggling with tethered oral tissues and feeding. Having a team of professionals who are actively seeking out the most current "best practices" in this area of health care is incredibly important. I would love to be on your team!


$150 per 1-hr session

# of sessions varies, typically between 2-4 sessions pre- release and 2-4 sessions post-release. I also communicate directly with select release providers in our area for optimal outcomes.

*Additional travel fees will apply for home-based visits outside of the Lemoore/Hanford area

Infants / Pre-crawling Stage:

Who: Infants with no known concerns whose parents want to get their child off to a great start with their development, as well as babies with:

What: Play-based and connection-based strategies to optimize development. This may include a screening of motor milestones, individualized therapeutic activities, and Tummy Time! Method strategies. Tummy Time! Method is also offered in group classes for interested individuals. This method and the therapeutic techniques are much more than just "tummy time" (although tummy time alone is incredibly important!). Group classes and individual Tummy Time! Method sessions are perfect for families who do not have any particular concerns for their child, but who want to optimize development and learn all of the tips and tricks for navigating the early months with confidence and joy. These sessions include education related to sensory processing, motor milestones, social-emotional devleopment, social engagement, reflex integration, and nervous system resilience. You will learn techniques for calming fussy babies, soothing tummy and G.I. discomfort, sleep and play positions for preventing torticollis and plagiocephaly (flat spots on the head), and equipment "do's and don'ts" for optimizing overall development both now and into the furture. Get all of your questions about infant development answered by a qualified professional based on your child's specific needs. No more guessing! These sessions are offered weekly over the coures of 4-6 weeks based on individiual needs.

Package Pricing:

Groups of  4 parent/child duos- $300 for six 1- hour sessions over the course of 6 weeks

Individuals- $600 for four weekly 1-hour sessions

Add-on Sessions, follow-ups, and program updates available at normal rate of $150 for 1-hr session

*Additional travel fees will apply for home-based visits outside of the Lemoore/Hanford area

Screenings / Assessments / Consultations:

Who: Any child whose parent has concerns about their development; Babies who are not crawling or who are crawling in a manner other than on hands and knees; Children who are showing asymmetries in their movement patterns; Children of any age who are struggling with sensory sensitivities or suspected sensory processing concerns impacting daily activities; Children with motor and coordination challenges / delays; Children with challenges with fine motor development and/or handwriting skills; Toddlers and children with feeding challenges related to texture aversions or sensitivities, and more; Families who would like suggestions for what they can work on with their child at home will benefit most from these services. 

What: A screening or a full assessment may be appropriate. This may include clinical observations, reflex testing, standardized testing, parent/caregiver questionnaires, and play-based games / actvities with your child depending on your child's age, abilities, and your stated concerns. Treatment will involve problem solving with parents to figure out what the biggest challenges are, and what foundational systems may be contributing to these challenges, with subsequent treatment goals and an individualized treatment plan involving a home program of prescribed therapeutic activities as well as related education/training. Treatment will not involve regularly scheduled therapy appointments in the traditional sense, however follow-up consultative visits can be made in order to provide support for the family, to upgrade the home program, and to reassess goals and progress.  We may create a sensory diet for the sensory craving child, a sensory desensitization program for the sensory sensitive child, a rhythmic movememt program for the child needing reflex integration, a sensory-based fine motor development program for the child wanting to improve visual motor skills, or a developmental motor program for the child working on crawling or other motor skills. The treatment will vary, but it will always be individualized based on your child's unique needs and abilities. Treatment and recommendations will always be based on parental goals.


$150 per 1-hr session

*Additional travel fees will apply for home-based visits outside of the Lemoore/Hanford area

Craniosacral Fascial Therapy:

Who: Infants and children who experience tension following a traumatic birthing experience, an accident, or a diagnosis that is exacerbated by fascial tension; Babies with Torticollis and/or Plagiocephaly; Children (and even adults!) of any age who would like to experience the healing power of freeing up the craniosacral system to allow their bodies to heal naturally.

What: CFT is a type of manual therapy that is often referred to as "bodywork" among many other types of manual therapy. CFT is a treatment modality that has multiple benefits. It is a technique that is often used along with the previously listed treatment sessions based on the child's needs and the parent's stated goals. However, it is also a stand alone bodywork method that can provide an array of benefits. 

Why: Releasing tension in the fascia throughout the body allows for the improved, unrestricted flow of cerebral spinal fluid through the brain, spinal cord, and fascia. This tension release may allow the body to relax and come out of a fight/flight state by releasing tension that is irritating the cranial nerves; can  provide balance and ease of movement to the musculoskeletal system; and can balance the body systems so that they work optimally as they were intended. You can learn more about CFT, also called "The Gillespie Approach" at


$100 per 45 min session

*CFT only sessions are not considered occupational therapy services. CFT does not include assessment, goal setting, or home program. This is strictly the manual therapy modality of CFT in isolation. Available to children as well as adults, clinic-based only. Home and community services not available for CFT-only visits.

Julianna Polder, MA, OTR/L, CLC

Juli has 20+ years of experience working with children. She graduated from Creighton University in 2000 with her B.S. in Occupational Therapy and from Texas Women's University in 2010 with her Post-Professional M.A. in Occupational Therapy with a speciliaty certificate in Pediatrics. Thanks to a deep rooted passion for learning and for improving the lives of children,  Juli has completed hours upon hours of continuing edcuation including certficiations in Sensory Integration (SIPT), Cranioscacral Fascial Therapy (CFT), Lactation Consultant (CLC), and Reflex Integration through Rhythimic Movement (RMTi: Levels 1 & 2). Additional trainings include Tummy Time! Method, Infant Reflexology, Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTS), Pre/Post-Frenecotomy coursework, Primitive Reflex Integration & Neuroplasticity, Handwriting Without Tears, and Mindfulness for Children. Juli has worked in a variety of clinical settings over the course of her career.  Juli is passionate about optimizing development for children as early as possible. She loves to work with newborns and pre-crawling infants to help make neurodevelopmental changes as early as possible to optimize development for years and years to come. However, the brain is incredible and is capable of amazing changes well into childhood -- so the best time to work with a child is NOW, whatever their age!  In addition to providing occupational therapy services through Play Grow Thrive, Juli also serves as a team member on the Kings County early intervention assessement team through United Cerebral Palsy, and provides individualized occupational therapy through a virtual platform called Kinspire (learn more below).


Multiple Options:

Your OT will come to your home and work with your child in their natural environment where they are comfortable. This allows the therapist to see what resources are availble, and can potentially help the therapist identify supports and barriers based on your child's specific needs. Home visits based on availability and scheduling, at the discretion of the therapist. *Additional travel fees apply for locations outside of the Lemoore/Hanford area.

You can be seen at the Play Grow Thrive clinic space located in Lemoore, CA in a dedicated area of a private home. This space is set up for very young infants and pre-walking toddlers, as well as CFT clients. This space is not adequate for older toddlers or children who need a large space and/or sensory equipment.

We can meet somewhere in the community where your child is comfortable, the park or at their daycare. This option offers the possibility of training other caregivers in the child's home program, as well as offering the opportunity to work with your child where they need the most help. For some children, the park offers many challenges as well as opportunities for growth. In that case, the park may be the perfect location for a community-based visit. In other instances, a child may have significant sensory needs and may benefit from a space with a variety of sensory-based equipment. In this case we will work with local community resources to find a location to meet your child's needs for their therapy visits. Locations will vary and are dependent on your child's needs. *Additional travel fees apply for locations outside of the Lemoore/Hanford area.

More Questions? Contact us....

Juli Polder


Mobile: (916)284-6753



Virtual Occupational Therapy Services

Kinspire health provides virtual app-based services for those who are interested in an alternate option for OT services. Families who are interested in app based learning and education regarding their child's needs, as well as on-going encouragement and app-based support will benefit the most from this membership-style model of care. Through the app, OT services can be provided virtually including assessment, goal setting, treatment planning, and home program activities. The Kinspire app allows families to stay in contact with their therapist daily using the Chat feature in the app. There are videos to follow for treatment activities, as well as in-app sticker rewards for children for completing their daily program. This is an excellent option for families who find it difficult to meet with a therapist in person, who are self motivated, and who benefit from reading education in the form of articles related to their child's needs. Click the thumbnail icon/link below to learn more and to get started: